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Since our founding in 1983 by John Harney, we have always aimed to provide a great quality product at a reasonable price. We want to make shopping and exploring tea an enjoyable experience and that's why we offer free domestic shipping on all orders with a quality guarantee.

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It’s National Iced Tea Month!

It’s National Iced Tea Month!

von Ilona Al Saleh 4 Minute gelesen

While many of us enjoy the comfort of a hot cup of tea, especially during the cold winter months, it can be argued by many that the time for tea to shine is during the hot summer months when a tall glass of iced tea is the true definition of refreshing. We are not about to disagree.
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How Is Tea Decaffeinated?

Wie wird Tee entkoffeiniert?

von Charles Fleer 2 Minute gelesen

There are two different ways to decaffeinate tea. At Harney and Sons, we use Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Ethyl Acetate to make our  decaf teas. Read on to learn more about our decaffeination process.
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Guide to Tea: Tea Terminology

Leitfaden zum Tee: Teeterminologie

von Charles Fleer 7 Minute gelesen

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