Hario Cha Cha Kyusu Fukami Teapot 450 ml

Hario Fukami is a glass teapot designed specifically for serving traditional Japanese Fukamushi tea - deeply brewed tea.

In normal processing, the tea leaves are steamed for 30 seconds to stop their fermentation. Fukamushi teas are steeped for 90-120 seconds, promoting sweet flavours and slightly bitter notes in the tea. The Fukami teapot is made in Japan from thin glass, which does not take away from the tea the temperature important for steeping.

This teapot has a special, spacious tea strainer in which each leaf has a large space for the best possible steeping. The teapot and strainer are dishwasher safe. To ensure the longest possible life of the glass, we recommend using gentle cleaning agents and programmes.

Volume: 450 ml