The company La Boheme Café s.r.o., Id. No.: 27378705, seated at Praha, Malá Strana, Petřínská 572/14, 150 00 Praha, registered in the Commercial register maintained by the Regional court in Praha, Section C, Insert 109565 /hereinafter only referred to as the 'Controller'/ is the operator of the website /hereinafter only referred to as the 'Website'/. For the correct function of Website is in some cases necessary to place on the device of a visitor of Website so called cookie files.

What cookie files are:

In order to improve the services provided to you our Website uses cookie files. Cookie files are small files which store information in your browser and they commonly serve for distinguishing between individual users. However, the user is not based on this information identifiable.
Thus cookie files help e. g.:

  • for correct functionality of our Website, so that it is possible to finish the purchase process with minimum difficulties;
  • with remembering of the login details of our customers so that they do not have to enter them every time;
  • during finding out what websites and functions are used most by visitors; based on that we are able to adjust our offer to your requirements in the best possible way;
  • help us to find out what advertisements are looked at by visitors most often so that the same advertisement is not displayed to them all the time when browsing Website, or so that an advertisement for goods they are not interested in is not displayed to them.

Other general information concerning cookie files you can find e. g. here.

How we use cookie files:

The cookie files used on our Website may be from the point of view of their durability divided in two basic types. The short-term so called 'session cookies' which are only temporary and they remain stored in your browser until you close it and the long-term so called 'persistent cookies' which remain stored in your device much longer or until you remove them manually (the retention time of cookies in your device depends on the settings of a cookie alone and your browser settings).

From the point of view of the function which is fulfilled by individual cookies, cookies may be divided in:

  • conversion, which enable us to analyse the performance of different sales channels;
  • tracking, which combined with conversion ones help to analyse the performance of different sales channels;
  • remarketing, which we use to personalise the content of advertisements and their right targeting;
  • analytical, which help us to enhance user comfort of our Website by understanding the way it is used by users;
  • essential, which are important for the essential functionality of Website.

Some cookie files may collect information which are subsequently used by third parties and which e. g. directly promote our advertising activities (so called 'third-party cookies'). For instance information on products purchased by visitors of our Website may be displayed by an advertising agency so that we are able to adjust displaying of internet advertising banners on the website displayed by you in a better way. Nevertheless, based on these data you cannot be identified.

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Tracking, remarketing

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Tracking, remarketing


How to refuse the use of cookie files

If a visitor does not want Website to store cookie files, he may block these files. The already stored cookie files may be removed by a visitor from his device.

However, the visitor has to take into consideration that in the case of removal or blocking of cookie files a situation when Website is not fully functional or correctly displayed may occur.

Information on the browsers and on the way of setting of presets for cookie files you may find on the following websites:

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