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Mulled Plum Cider

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Mulled Plum Cider

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Rich in warm spices, Mulled Plum Cider is packed full of flavor. Plum and apple pieces are enhanced with spicy ginger and cinnamon to draw out their natural essence.

The smoky flavor of cardamom pods and whole cloves pamper this rooibos-based tea. If you’ve ever enjoyed a night beside a flame accompanied by a hot spiced tea like this one, then you’ve truly known joy.

The rich flavor and color mixed with just a splash of milk make for a marvelous dessert.

Ingredients: Cinnamon chips, rooibos, cacao pieces, hibiscus, chicory root, apple pieces, ginger root, black pepper, orange peel, cloves, plum pieces, black currants, plum flavor, cardamom, cinnamon. Contains natural flavors.

Loose Tea: 112g Tin